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†††† Computer running sluggish ?†††††††††††††††††



†††† Not doing what it is supposed to do ?



†††† Developed a fault ?



†††† Virus infested ?


††† †††††††††††

† ††††††††††††††Confused by what Hardware Upgrade options are available to you ?



Bring it around to Bristol`s PC Doctor so that I can get to work on it for you.† I am situated in the Fishponds area of Bristol.


Windows XP / Vista / 7 based systems dealt with, maintenance tips and advice given also.


Perhaps you were thinking of buying a new computer?† It may well turn out that you donít really need to at this time. Your computer may just need a short service and perhaps a small upgrade, saving you £`s


I can fix these problems for you if you will let me on a no repair no fee policy.




Tired of your generic email address given to you by your Internet Service Provider?


I can also register bespoke domain names / email addresses for you via my D-Pad Web Services company.† You only need to pay for the domain name that you choose - e.g. yourname@yourdomain.com


£22 per year for .com .net .biz .org domain names and £20 per 2 years for .co.uk



Charge is £15 p.h, excluding the cost of new hardware parts if needed.


Typical cost of service / repair is around £45 and a maximum of £65.


If needed a typical hardware upgrade option would be the computerís memory at a cost of around £30.






If you would like some Free advice on PC or Tech related Problems, queries and general

†discussion then please visit my related Facebook Group Here :

Mr Gobz PC & Tech Tips n Tricks Group